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About the Department

Our Department is the successor of the Department of Political Science and Sociology, established in 1999. In 2001, the Department acquired the certification for the „Political Science“ undergraduate (B.A.) programme and enrolled the first students in the following year. As of January 1, 2005, the Department has split into the Department of Sociology and the Department of Politics and International Relations. In 2005, the Department acquired certification for graduate (M.A.) and post-graduate (Ph.D.) programmes in political science.

In the following years, the Department focused on its international relations and territorial studies segments; first, by acquiring certification for the undergraduate programme „International Relations – Eastern-European Studies“, followed by the graduate „International Relations“ programme, certified in 2008 and the undergraduate „International Relations – British and American Studies“ programme. The most recent update of the Department’s portfolio took place in 2014 when two afformentioned territorially oriented B. A. programmes have been merged into a single programme - "International Relations - territorial studies" (including specialization in British and American Sudies, Russian studies and European studies)

The Department consists of two sections – Political Science and International Relations, offering a broad range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate study programmes in political science, international relations and territorial studies. Judging by the high numbers of high school, B.A. and M.A. graduates willing to register for the programmes, the Department ranks among the most popular in our faculty. The Department is also a vibrant and creative research institution ranking among the best in the fields of political science and international relations in the Czech Republic. Our professors and lecturers publish regularly in top Czech and international journals, participate in and organize international conferences and collaborate on various externally funded research projects. Members of the Department contributed significantly to the establishment of political science, international relations and security studies as academic disciplines, publishing both popular textbooks as well as key articles and monographs in their respective fields of interest.        

Where we are

Department of Politics and International Relations

Jungmannova 1

301 00 Pilsen

Czech republic


Phone: +420 377 635 603

Email of International Relations Coordinator Dr. Martina Ponížilová - mponizil@kap.zcu.cz