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Basic information for incoming students

Dear students, welcome to the University of West Bohemia, Department of Politics and International Relations! Whether you are proposing to stay for one or two semesters, we are very glad to welcome you, and hope you will have a most enjoyable time with us, and in the city of Pilsen. This site should provide you with basic information regarding your stay.

The Department

Czech name: Katedra politologie a mezinárodních vztahů


Jungmannova 1 (3rd floor)

301 00 Pilsen


Where to go upon arrival?

First you should visit the Study department (in Czech: Studijni oddeleni)

Jungmannova 1 (4th floor) / since April 2019 Sedláčkova 38 (1st floor)

301 00 Plzeň

Find room JJ-425 - Mrs. Pavla Ludwigova

Office hours:

Monday Monday 8-11 a.m., 1-3 p.m.

Wednesday 8-11 a.m., 1-3 p.m.

Thursday 8-11 a.m., 1-3 p.m.

She will sign you up for individual modules and courses.


For daily organization of your study at the Department (putting grades into the electronic system, providing information concerning the Department – e. g. who is who, who does what, who is the best person to solve a particular problem etc.) please contact our International Relations Coordinator Dr. Martina Ponížilová

International Relations Coordinator

PhDr. Martina Ponížilová, Ph.D.

Room JJ 314; mponizil@kap.zcu.cz

For information about application procedure and accommodation, see http://international.zcu.cz/en/erasmus/studijni_staz_page/ or contact university Erasmus coordinator Eva Kotoučová, email: ekotouc@rek.zcu.cz


How to contact lecturers?

I am already signed up and I have consulted my coordinators. Now I need to consult particular lecturer.  All full-time staff have regular 'office hours' for their students. Appointments can also be arranged outside these times. In order to arrange an appointment, please contact your professor by e-mail.

For relevant office hours please consult this page.

Information about courses

After becoming the student of the UWB, you will get the “Orion login” in order to log in to the Portal UWB (https://portal.zcu.cz/portal/). Click on the tab Study and then Courseware and My Courses where you will find all the necessary information about the courses that you have signed up for at the Department of Politics and IR. In case you are missing some information, contact the particular lecturer or Dr. Ponížilová. 

Basic guide for orientation in the UWB Portal/Courseware Interface can be found here, here and here.

Basic standards of the study proces at the Department


Attendance at the lectures is not compulsory as long as it doesn’t interfere with the students’ duties set in the syllabus (various compulsory activities etc.). Teachers are not obliged to provide alternative possibilities to meet the requirements of the course if a student neglects his/her duties during the semester.

Essays and other written outputs

All of the papers, essays, presentations and other written documents submitted by the students must comply with high standards of academic work. There is a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism and cheating at the Department. Instructors have the authority to give the students a failing grade for a single instance of plagiarism or similar malpractice. All concepts, terms or frames taken from outside sources, with the exception of facts of general knowledge, must be properly documented and identified in all student texts and attributed correctly to the source. Each direct quotation must be indicated by quotation marks and must be immediately followed by a reference to the source. Each paraphrase must be clearly indicated by a reference to the source. Each text must contain a bibliography enumerating properly all of the sources used.

It is necessary to use proper sources of information (not just newspapers or unreliable web sources). Students should be able to work critically with primary sources as well as with secondary academic literature.

Written resources needed for the courses will be provided by the University library or via university login to academic databases. Most of the sources are available in one of the following ways:

  • Electronically, at one of the electronic databases accessible via the website of the University Library (for instance JSTOR, Ebsco, ProQuest etc.). To access the website from any computer, you will need the university login name and password you will be given upon arrival. This concerns mainly articles published in academic journals, world press etc. To check our electronic resources databases, please go to the Library’s website http://www.knihovna.zcu.cz/ → ‘Elektronické informační zdroje’ (Electronic information resources)
  • in the University Library, the section of Social Sciences and Humanities (located at sady Pětatřicátníků 16, Plzeň). Here, a number of books are available on shelf either for reference or for loan. You can check the library’s catalogue at the Library’s website http://www.knihovna.zcu.cz/ → ‘On-line katalog’ (Online catalogue)
  • the electronic version of some of the readings will also be available at the Department’s website. Your lecturers will assist you to locate it.